About Marrocco Writing & Editing

 • Expertise

Bernard Marrocco is a member of the Editors Association of Canada, and holds a BSc in physics (University of Toronto), MSc in physics (University of Western Ontario), as well as a BEd (Western Ontario).

His conceptual expertise includes:
creative and technical writing substantive, structural and stylistic editing
organizational processes
(development, review, approval,
deployment and improvement)
process system integration and verification
people management project management
standards compliance training development, delivery and assessment
decision analysis and resolution risk management
auditing metrics and reporting
planning and strategy ISO/TL
root cause analysis reliability and maintainability
He has extensive experience with computer applications and languages, including:
Microsoft Office
(Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
Other Microsoft
(Project, Publisher, Visio, Windows)
HTML/XML, and other web technologies Livelink
MiniTab and SigmaXL Oracle/SQL
Unix, Linux Doors
C/C++, Perl, Java/script The Gimp

 • Experience

Bernard Marrocco has been writing and editing for five years.

His sixteen years with Nortel in Canada and abroad included work as the corporate business process architect for research and development. In this role, he was responsible for the content and integrity of the product engineering and management system, enabling the thousands of staff around the globe to work consistently, effectively and efficiently. As a leader, he managed and worked with teams researching, writing and implementing complex inter-dependent procedures, tools and metrics (including the development and delivery of training), while ensuring compliance with corporate policies and external standards. An ongoing challenge was not only to successfully manage a constantly and rapidly changing business environment, but also to spearhead internal initiatives supporting improvements in cost and efficiency. He was awarded the Chief Technology Officer's Gold Award of Merit in 2008 for his accomplishments.

Previous to Nortel, Mr. Marrocco's experience included work with a consulting engineering firm in the development and documentation of an expert system for the Canadian Space Agency, through the Canadian government's STEAR program. This work was done collaboratively with Queen's University at Kingston.
Take away the art of writing from this world, and you will probably take away its glory.—François René de Chateaubriand